Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Love My Library! Blog Series: Easy Way to Find Picture Books to Read and Sing!

I confess, I'm so excited about this new feature at my library that it was the original reason I wanted to start this series. I have always loved using "books that sing," (picture books based on songs), and I've always been frustrated that there wasn't any easy way to locate them in either libraries or book stores. You either had to know about them or stumble across them at the library. But now I can swoop into our children's section and snatch up a dozen books in seconds! My library, and soon all of our King County Libraries, will have books with simple colored labels on the spine indicating general topics kids like. My favorite category is, of course, "Songs and Rhymes." But there are so many others, like "bedtime," "things that go," and "our world." You can just pick up a bookmark to see the categories and you too can snatch up a bunch of books! And because the stickers are different colors, kids who can't read can also locate books on their favorite topics all by themselves!

Is your library doing something like this? I would love to hear! When I started Sing With Our Kids our local book store began shelving all the "read and sing books" together and that's been fantastic (and expensive!). For more information on using and locating books that sing, go to my website and you'll find lots of titles and great information! http://singwithourkids.com/bookshelf.htm 

Happy finding, reading, and singing!

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