Sunday, September 29, 2019

More Free Little Wordless Books!

These wordless books are great because:

  • Children love little books (my grandaughter squirrels them away in pockets or little bags)
  • Children love to sing (just eavesdrop on any child; you'll hear singing!)
  • Children love to have their own books (well, duh! Who doesn't'?)
  • Children love being able to read the pictures (Words aren't the only way to read!)
  • Children experience success as they sing, letting the lyrics of the song guide the turning of the pages
There are lots of tips and more books little wordless books to print here Printable Books to Sing
And don't forget, every book has a song to go with it which you can download next to the printable, or use the qr code reader on your smartphone to connect with the song using the qr code on each little book. So you can read and sing wherever you are!

Read to Sing and Sing to Read! Day 28 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources
These little wordless books (also called zines) are one of my favorite resources! The nursery rhymes are familiar to children, so they know the sequencing and when to turn the page. The QR code on each cover will instantly take you to the song simply sung. Or you can download the songs when you go print out the books. I created them for use with family literacy, but they are great for all children.  
To learn more about how to use and to download, print, and make them, go to

And here's a little trivia about these little books..
They were illustrated by my good friend, Charlie Williams, cartoonist, author, and sound impressionist, aka, Noiseguy. He also contributed to my Tips and Tricks from the Experts page. Read his wonderful article here. Tips and Tricks From the Experts

Thursday, September 26, 2019

What's Right With This Picture? Day 26: Exploring the Free Resources

When I started the community project I hadn't thought about the documentation I would need. I was unbelievably lucky to have two moms who were also photographers attend most of my events. Without any direction from me they snapped amazing photos of children and families, photos I couldn't have been able to move forward without. The photo below is possibly my favorite. For in the moment I hadn't realized what it so perfectly captured... do you see it?
All of these children and their grown-ups are engaged. Not one is on a cell phone; all are simply and incredibly present. I honestly got chills when I saw it and realized what I hadn't seen before. And I thought, it is possible to do this. This photo is my north star for this project. With deepest appreciation to Carey Moncaster, photographer, mother,  and human being extraordinaire.

All of the songs and printable books, and homemade instruments and information on Sing With Our Kids are simply there to support singing in real time, with our friends and families, so that we reap all the benefits it has to offer. Check it out, if you haven't already.- and sing to be present!

All are present and accounted for!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pop Goes the Weasel; A Canary in the Coal Mine

Sing With Our Day 25 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources

I started Sing With Our Kids with two broad goals:

  • Provide families with (traditional) songs to sing.
  • Provide  opportunities to sing them, so they are sung

Why? Because in order to sing together, we need to know the same songs. Songs are like familiar expressions. Just as most people know what the expression "canary in the coal mine" means, songs carry unspoken understanding of language, culture, and ancestry. The good news is, that there are so many songs to choose from that you can pick and choose the ones you like. So if a weasel isn't your thing, there are plenty more for you to share. Keep singing to keep these songs around for our children's children,.

In my work as a songwriter and performer I see every day which songs are slipping away from our collective memory. Pop Goes the Weasel is one of those. Whenever I do this event with a parachute and a ball (to pop at the appropriate time), I spend some time teaching the song to many of the people gathered. These songs that have been around for hundreds of years have served us well; connecting one generation to the next and giving us a common thread. I hope they will be there for our children's children. I hope I'm doing my part to make sure they are. If you don't know Pop Goes the Weasel! you can of course hear and download it and many other traditional songs on Sing With Our Kids .

Perfect Song for a Windy Fall Day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Timing Is Everything! Day 24 of 30
Exploring the Free Resources

Since I'm doing my community project in real time, things crop up that are new and will be added to the website. And sometimes you find the perfect book (of sources this is subjective, but nevertheless..). At Island Books last week I was introduced to one of these perfect books. Beautiful illustrations, rhyming text that's fun to read, a very sweet story, and of course- it's about singing..singing together! I can't wait to share it tomorrow, and coincidentally my free song of the month is  Everybody Has a Song to Sing . I plan to read the book and sing the song, and I invite you to do the same.

The perfect companion book to my new song, "Everybody Has a Song to Sing"

Monday, September 23, 2019

The Thing About Singing... Day 23 of 30
Exploring the Free Resources

The thing about singing is that no matter where you are, if you start doing it- and you sing songs people know, they will join in- especially if there are children! When I put word out to my community that I was doing a project and anyone could invite me to lead a sing-along, this is what happened. A block party, complete with street sign, fire engine, families, hamburgers, scooters and helmets, political signs, and singing! By holding singing events in unexpected places, I hope to get people thinking about how much fun it is to sing. And once that happens, the door is open.What songs would you sing in your neighborhood at a block party? Which songs would your neighbors know? Visit the Sing With Our Kids Song Library for ideas about traditional songs and roundup anyone who plays and instrument to join your neighborhood band. Every song has an mp3 and lead sheet with
chords to get you going.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Books With A Beat...(Beat... Beat) Day 21 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources

This smallish group of picture books pack a big punch! They have such a strong rhythm that it almost feel like you're singing them. You can't help but read them with extra inflection, drawing out some words and making other crisp and snappy. Children are absolutely riveted by them and it's worth seeking them out. After all, rhythm is the foundation of music and of language, and these books have it in spades. Just be sure to free your inner BEE-bopper! They are VERY fun to read and share, and when you see how mesmerized the kids are, you will be equally bitten by the beat!

To learn more about how to find and use these books, and to browse for more titles, go to the Sing With Our Kids bookshelf