Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pop Goes the Weasel; A Canary in the Coal Mine

Sing With Our Day 25 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources

I started Sing With Our Kids with two broad goals:

  • Provide families with (traditional) songs to sing.
  • Provide  opportunities to sing them, so they are sung

Why? Because in order to sing together, we need to know the same songs. Songs are like familiar expressions. Just as most people know what the expression "canary in the coal mine" means, songs carry unspoken understanding of language, culture, and ancestry. The good news is, that there are so many songs to choose from that you can pick and choose the ones you like. So if a weasel isn't your thing, there are plenty more for you to share. Keep singing to keep these songs around for our children's children,.

In my work as a songwriter and performer I see every day which songs are slipping away from our collective memory. Pop Goes the Weasel is one of those. Whenever I do this event with a parachute and a ball (to pop at the appropriate time), I spend some time teaching the song to many of the people gathered. These songs that have been around for hundreds of years have served us well; connecting one generation to the next and giving us a common thread. I hope they will be there for our children's children. I hope I'm doing my part to make sure they are. If you don't know Pop Goes the Weasel! you can of course hear and download it and many other traditional songs on Sing With Our Kids .

Perfect Song for a Windy Fall Day!

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