Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Books That Sing!

SingwithOurKids.com Day 17 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources

Thousands of picture books incorporate songs or rhythm making them irresistible and invaluable. There are so many of these, that in researching the for SingWithOurKids.com, I decided to break them into four categories. Each has unique characteristics with different benefits beyond wonderful illustrations, text, and songs. 

Books Based on Traditional Songs : Nursery rhymes and folk songs come to life with traditional or new lyrics and a wide variety of illustrations. These are especially good for adults who aren't comfortable singing, as the tunes will be familiar. Also great for introducing ESL students to our folk songs and nursery rhymes

Books Based on Original Songs: If you have a favorite original children's song, there's a good chance it's been published as a picture book! Whether it's a classic like You Are My Sunshine, or contemporary song or show tune, the variety is amazing! It's a wonderful way for adults to share a favorite song that isn't typically thought of as a children's song. The illustrations bridge the generations.  

Books With a Song In a Story: Books like Pete the Cat, where the song is repeated and children spontaneously join in. Having the repeated song builds listing skills and makes them truly interactive.They build listening skills as children will listen for the repeated song or phrase. These are great if you're more comfortable reading most of the story.

Books With A Beat  There are a small number of books with such a strong rhythm that it almost feel like you're singing them. You can't help but read them with extra inflection, drawing out some words and making other crisp and snappy. Children are absolutely riveted by them and it's worth seeking them out.

So now that you know about these, go to the website and read more about how to choose and find them, and more of the benefits.  Books That Sing But be forewarned- once you read and sing a few, you'll become addicted!

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