Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sing Your Own Photo Book!

SingWithOurKids.com Day 10 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources

Community Picture Books to Read and Sing!

Oh boy! Now we get to some of my favorite free resources; printable books to read and sing.
Of the many different kinds I have, the photo books are my favorite. Using your own photos, you can make a simple book that's about your family, or and your community. Download the templates in Word, replace my photos with yours, and change the text. For this one, I have photos of family members- including the dog. As you sit with your baby in you lap and sing they will hear all of their family names sung in a sweet song. By including family that lives far away, your baby will get to know them by hearing their names and seeing their faces. Sweet! This also makes a great shower gift.  https://singwithourkids.com/technology-together.htm

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