Friday, September 6, 2019

A Baker's Dozen of Songs to Read and Sing Day 6 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources
Don’t know where to start when looking for books to read and sing? Well I’ve done the work for you, and the work is pure fun!
My Baker’s Dozen is a collection of 13 recorded traditional songs that have been published picture books. Most have new lyrics and  illustrations, taking these traditional tunes in every direction you can imagine! (think Old Macdonald Had a Farm, or a Workshop, or a Garden, or a Truck…). There are endless things you can do with just these thirteen songs and the picture books they have inspired. Endless topics, endless vocabulary, characters, illustrations… it’s endless! To make it even more fun. I have created thirteen fun activities you can do with them, and put them into automatic weekly e-mails you can sign up for. These are great for the classroom or for you to share with your children. And you can:

*Download the songs in one zip file or individually
*Sign-up for 13 weekly e-mails of fun easy  and silly activities you can do with these songs
*Print out CD cover and artwork and make your own CD and gather books for a gift
*Visit library and go on treasure hunt for titles
 For all this free stuff (no signup or password- it’s really free!) Here's the link

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