Saturday, September 14, 2019

Go Where the Kids (and Parents) Are!

When I launched Sing with Our Kids eight years ago one the goals for my community project was to "go where the kids are," instead of only having them come to me in the library or other typical setting. I wanted to reach the families who didn't know about the power of singing with their kids, especially in building early literacy. By opening myself up to the possibilities, the possibilities became reality! I even found myself in a backyard, with tots and parents, dogs and hot dogs on the barbeque.

You would think this would be the worst place to try to give a talk about early literacy skills and singing. But even with the tots and trikes, these parents were focused and eager to learn. They had lots of questions and I was happy to have lots of answers! Thinking outside of the box is what Sing With Our Kids is all about. And with the website, you have access to all the materials I use in these talks  Here's a page to get you started... Look for more information on this and other events, and how you can do them in your own community!

Yes, that is a real dog in the bottom left corner!

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