Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Gift Shop, Where Everything is Free! Day 15 of 30: Exploring the free resources

We had a lot of fun creating a "gift shop" made of free resources from the website (DIY CD' s and books, teacher gifts), and a few random "free" things to make. The printable gift card is one of my favorites.The "library card"  is actually a card good for trips to the library, and getting to choose your own books. When my kids were little and we had no money, I would check out a bunch of books on topics they loved, put a bow around it, and give it, along with the promise of more trips to the library. In a time when many parents have even less time than money, this is truly a gift- of so many things! Here is where you can find the printable card
Of course, you can always make your own! 

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