Sunday, September 29, 2019

More Free Little Wordless Books!

These wordless books are great because:

  • Children love little books (my grandaughter squirrels them away in pockets or little bags)
  • Children love to sing (just eavesdrop on any child; you'll hear singing!)
  • Children love to have their own books (well, duh! Who doesn't'?)
  • Children love being able to read the pictures (Words aren't the only way to read!)
  • Children experience success as they sing, letting the lyrics of the song guide the turning of the pages
There are lots of tips and more books little wordless books to print here Printable Books to Sing
And don't forget, every book has a song to go with it which you can download next to the printable, or use the qr code reader on your smartphone to connect with the song using the qr code on each little book. So you can read and sing wherever you are!

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