Saturday, September 21, 2019

Books With A Beat...(Beat... Beat) Day 21 of 30: Exploring the Free Resources

This smallish group of picture books pack a big punch! They have such a strong rhythm that it almost feel like you're singing them. You can't help but read them with extra inflection, drawing out some words and making other crisp and snappy. Children are absolutely riveted by them and it's worth seeking them out. After all, rhythm is the foundation of music and of language, and these books have it in spades. Just be sure to free your inner BEE-bopper! They are VERY fun to read and share, and when you see how mesmerized the kids are, you will be equally bitten by the beat!

To learn more about how to find and use these books, and to browse for more titles, go to the Sing With Our Kids bookshelf

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