Monday, September 23, 2019

The Thing About Singing... Day 23 of 30
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The thing about singing is that no matter where you are, if you start doing it- and you sing songs people know, they will join in- especially if there are children! When I put word out to my community that I was doing a project and anyone could invite me to lead a sing-along, this is what happened. A block party, complete with street sign, fire engine, families, hamburgers, scooters and helmets, political signs, and singing! By holding singing events in unexpected places, I hope to get people thinking about how much fun it is to sing. And once that happens, the door is open.What songs would you sing in your neighborhood at a block party? Which songs would your neighbors know? Visit the Sing With Our Kids Song Library for ideas about traditional songs and roundup anyone who plays and instrument to join your neighborhood band. Every song has an mp3 and lead sheet with
chords to get you going.

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