Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Another Photo Book to Read and Sing! Day 11 of 30 : Exploring the Free Resources

Another Photo Book to Read and Sing!

"Let's Go to the Market" features photos of your own community. Simply take some photos of places you go with your children, insert them in the Word file, and change the text. Print the pages and put them into a three-ring binder and you're ready to read and sing! You can also cut out photos of your children and simply glue then onto the photos, like I did. Either way, children love having a book and song about them and their favorite places. The song is short and just right for singing once before you turn the page. 
More ideas:

  • For a classroom project to share with families, take photos in centers or other spaces where children work and play and use those for your pages. An example of  that would be ..."Let's go to the art table, let's go right away. We can paint and draw and cut, and then we'll go and play!" .you get the idea! 
  • Make a video with the photos and record children singing the song. 
  • Find the Word file and song here

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